Corita Kent, also known as Sister Mary Corita, was an artist who took a novel approach to design and education. By the 1960s, her vibrant serigraphs had earned international attention. Corita's work highlighted her concerns about poverty, racism, and violence, and her messages of peace and social justice continue to resonate today. Inspired by Corita Kent's 'Circus Alphabet' screen print series, I created a risograph zine with her autobiography. I designed a visual zine by reproducing her series in riso-colors and incorporating photographs from her life. The zine respects her old methods and techniques, but takes on an updated approach. ​​​​​​​Instead of the alphabet being the focus on the page, I was restricted to 12 pages and decided to include the letters of her name as the main focus of each page.
Typefaces // 
Folio Condensed Medium, Playbill, Signerica Flat, Roboto Slab

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